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RPS, oh dear...

A friend has just posted about what bugs her in the American Idol (Kradam for slashers) fandom, and it got me thinking.

I'm really uncomfortable with Wincest - everyone who knows me, knows that in more detail than they may want to *g* - but why don't I have a problem with J2 RPS? Yeah, I fiddle the semantics by saying I only read J2 AU but the difference is a hair...

Wincest, to me, devalues the brotherly love in SPN to the point of ruination, but J2 devalues the close, fraternal friendship Jared and Jensen seem to have, a friendship which has seen them living together (without any UST whatsoever except in the minds of some nutters) so maybe I should be more open.

There's not actually all that much difference in squick value, is there?


Well, there you go

I'm sitting here, a bit bored and thinking about posting, when a friend of mine posts about her latest e-novel.

This is not her first, but something like her eighth. A writer who was derided for not writing fanfic exactly as the purists would like, but carried on.

Jan, I'm so proud of you. You're doing exactly what you do best, and finding an audience who love you.

Happy birthday darkhavens!

Hope you're having a brilliant day filled with fun, laughter, choccie and single malt. *smooooch*

Chibi Deathstroke


New comm for Buffyverse gen writers!

Happy Friday, everyone! *smooch*

The ever-industrious snowpuppies has created genfic_minis, sparked by the illustrious femslash_minis. If gen is your thing and/or you fancy trying your hand (with a prompt to spark the muse), it's the place for you.

There's a poll up right now, so read the rules and have a bash if it's to your taste.

Happy writing!


WriterConUK 2010!

Yep, folks, we're doing it again this year and it's gonna be bigger and better than ever! If you'd like to come, our illustrious Committee Chair, just_sue, has posted a poll via which you can indicate preferred dates here.

Any fandom, any pairing (or none), any degree of involvement in fandom as a writer, artist, beta, reader, vidder, cheerleader, etc. etc. are all welcome. I promise you'll have a fabulous time!


Happy birthday snowpuppies!

Dunno what I'd do without you, babe. You make sure I don't make a complete mug of myself, are endlessly patient and kind, no matter what. I kinda love you.

Go on, mock. But look at the pretty, glittery pic first. *g*

Ah, my eyes!Collapse )

...and a good time was had by all!

Who knew a magazine could breeze a first class con? Whoot!

Fandom rocks like a very rocky thingCollapse )

Off to watch Thursday's Supernatural now. Is it good? No, don't tell me. :P

Edit: Ooh! Suki's just posted a much more entertaining report here. Yay! BWAH!

SFX Weekender

It's looking like the w/e to end all w/e's. Buffy sing-alongs, screenings, a masked ball...

Don't wake me up, because this looks spectacularly good. Only worry is, how to maximise the enjoyment.

Have I said recently, I love fandom and my flist? *snogs*


snowpuppies has posted the final part of her spectacularly good, fabulous, wonderful Buffyverse series, Fourteen Days on the Hellmouth. Wheee!

The events of Chosen don't go as expected, and when two of their number get trapped in the new Sunnydale crater, the scoobies have to get them out before they become casualties of the Hellmouth.

I strongly recommend it. It has suspense, angst, romance, comedy, femslash, slash, terrific characterisations and, above all, the excellent writing for which Snowy is justly famed. Do read. I promise you won't be sorry!

LJ Hook

Hi, all! Hope you're having a good Friday.

Anyone else seen the LJ Hook add-on for Firefox? snowpuppies, my source for all things new and shiny, pointed me at it, and it's rather useful for one-click
and general formatting of posts and comments. There's even a
colour chart
. And block quoting!

So many gorgeous guys, so little time.

It's basically a set of macros. Blimey, I wish this had existed when I first came to LJ and had to look up every single thing, every single time for ages, from how to cut to how to... Well, everything!

While I'm here - anyone else watching
Nurse Jackie
? It's like a darker version of
or a really dark version of
and stars Edie Falco from
The Sopranos
30 Rock
. I like it, a lot.


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